Storage Unit Locking System At Guardian Storage

We have performed a great deal of research to procure high-quality, high-end locking systems that we believe make our storage units some of the most secure in the self storage industry. Our storage units are provided with two locks: a high-security cylinder lock that is inserted within the latch and door and a disklock placed on the latch hasp.

High security self storage unit lock and latch system at Guardian Storage in Fullerton, Anaheim
Guardian Storage lock and latch system for all self storage units
Un candado de cilindro de alta seguridad.  Vienen con todas las unidades


L.A.I. Group's Master Enforcer latch system is the high-end of latch systems available in the self storage industry. This latch is very heavy-duty, featuring a thick metal front plate and a back plate on the interior of the door to resist prying and other force-based attacks against the self storage unit. The latch allows for an extra-long high-security cylinder lock that is inserted into the body of the latch and door and an additional locking hasp onto which an additional lock may be placed, thereby providing an extra layer of security.

High Security Cylinder Lock
LAI Lock & Latch Storage Unit System


​​This lock is provided for all our storage units. Instead of using standard pin-tumblers, disk-detainer locks operate with a series of 11 rotating disks, each with a different height and angle cut out of it. The cut on the disks must align with the cuts in the key in order to rotate and release the lock. This system is more similar to the locking mechanism used on combination safes than standard locks. They are impossible to bump or rake and require significant training and expertise to pick.

This system is impervious to bolt-cutters or grinders and has two rotating stainless-steel anti-drill plates to make it extremely difficult to drill out.



~ 7 -pin mechanism makes picking more
challenging than standard 5-pin.
~ Tubular mechanism makes bumping
less likely.
~ Disk shape makes cutting far more of a
challenge than with standard padlocks.​

​​~ Ball bearings prevent shimming.

Guardian Storage Self Storage Unit Lock Display
Guardian Storage Admiralty Brass Lock
Guardian Storage Self Storage Unit Lock Display Closeup