I – Security Procedures:
 Tenant must use access code when entering the facility, even if the gate or building door is already open. The access code not only opens the gate but also disarms the alarm on your storage unit. To prevent activating the alarm, you must enter your code prior to entering the storage unit.
If you have an indoor unit then you must use the door lock sets. Relocking these doors is crucial to maintaining access control. Properly securing your storage unit and everyone else’s units depends on ensuring that only people who are supposed to be in an area are the ones in that area. This is can only be done by closing and locking the halldoors.
You must use the locksets provided to you by the Company.  The Company provides a highly secure locking system and it is therefore crucial that you use the locks provided with the unit and in the manner intended. Use both the cylinder lock and the disklock provided. If your unit is found without one of these locks, it will be replaced and the cost will be charged to your account. If a different lock is found it will be removed and a lock cutting fee will be charged in addition to the cost of the lock. Because of the time and difficulty involved in removing the cylinder lock if the key is lost or in the event of an emergency, et cetera, all cylinder locks are master-keyed. The disklock is not master-keyed and you are given the only keys to this lock.
You must enter your access code in the exit keypad prior to leaving the facility. This rearms the alarm for your storage unit.
II – Use Of The Unit:
Units may only be accessed during approved hours (Gated Units: 7:00A.M.-7:00P.M.*, last entry at 6:45P.M. ~ Extended Hours Units: 4:30A.M.-11:00P.M.). Entry or continued presence outside of these hours is strictly prohibited. You will be removed from the property and may be given notice to vacate.
*Tenants in the gated yard: Access is prohibited during certain holidays designated by the Company.
If Lessee has not paid the monthly rent by the 14th day of the month, access will not be granted.
Do not leave any trash, debris, or other articles around the Unit or anywhere on the property. Anything left behind will be disposed of and tenant will be charged a $50 minimum clean-up fee.
Your unit is for storage purposes only; it is not a second-home, hang-out spot, office, work-shop, et cetera.  Tenants who use their unit to loiter or perform any other non-storage activity may be evicted. No loitering is permitted inside the unit or anywhere on the property. Any access exceeding 20-minutes will be considered loitering. Initial move-in and final move-out exempted only without explicit approval by the office.
No flammable items, perishable goods, motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, or any objects containing flammable liquids may be stored. Items which may leak any liquid substance that may stain or otherwise damage the Unit are forbidden.
Do not block or interfere with other’s ability to access the area around the unit with miscellaneous objects while loading or unloading. Keep the hallway clear and accessible.
The Company may, at its discretion, immediately and without prior notice, remove and/or dispose of any objects that are disruptive or damaging to the Company, its facilities or operations.
Tenants may not alter units in any way.
Tenants may not attach or hang anything on the walls, trusses, wire mesh or ceilings.
Tenants may not stack anything above the trusses.
Tenants may not have their items so that they may weigh against the walls.
Tenant shall not over pack unit.
Tenant shall not change clothes in the storage unit.
If Lessee is deemed a threat to persons or property of or in Company premises, the Company may demand the Lessee to immediately vacate without 30-day’s notice.
III –Use Of The Facility
Do not dispose of anything in the dumpster located in the yard. This is for the other businesses in the center to use.
Do not leave any litter, trash or other objects on the premises ($50 minimum clean-up fee)
Do not damage any property on the premises. Any damages will be assessed and repaired and the cost will be charged to Lessee’s account. Additionally, a fine may be assessed at a value of 150% of Lessee’s monthly rent, to be levied by the Company
and charged to Lessee’s account. If the Company deems necessary, the Police may be notified and charges may be filed at the Company’s discretion.
Do not take anything that may appear to be an abandoned item.
No smoking is permitted inside any storage building.
Do not park over-night anywhere on the premises. This will result in fines, penalties, or the towing of the violating vehicle at the Company’s discretion. No prior notice need be given the owner of the violating vehicle.
Do not park or loiter in front of the keypads.
Do not park on any entry or exit driveway.
Do not block, tamper or interfere in any way with the view or functioning of the security cameras.
No alcoholic drinks, narcotics or any illicit substances are permitted on the premises.
No dogs or other pets are allowed inside the storage buildings. Any dogs outside in the yard must be on a leash at all times. If a dog is aggressive or disruptive management may demand that the dog be removed from the property.
Carts or dollies may only be used if tenant leaves a photo I.D. with the office during use.
Tenant leases the space inside the storage unit only, no outside space may be used by tenant for storage or any other purposes other than loading or unloading items to or from the storage unit.
Tenants may not use any electrical outlets.
All areas on company property and all telephone conversations with the company are subject to video and/or audio recording at all times.
Any tenants who are disruptive, insulting or behaving in a manner that makes other tenants or the employees of the Company uncomfortable will be informed to cease this behavior and/or to leave the premises and/or be given notice to vacate the storage unit.
IV – Changes In Contact Information:
If there are changes in the OCCUPANT INFORMATION section (Lessee’s contact information) of the Lease Agreement, notice must be given before the first (1st ) day of the month following the change. This information includes changes in postal address, telephone №(s), secondary contacts or any other pertinent information. Changes must be given in writing.
If Lessee has not maintained current contact information and the Company is unable to contact Lessee, the Company may immediately proceed with whatever action was needed or requested without further efforts to locate Lessee.
V –Vacating Unit:
Written notice must be given thirty (30) days before vacating. No pro-rated refund will be given by the Company without a 30-day written notice. If no written notice is given, Lessee is responsible for paying the entire month’s rent in which he vacates and/or for 30-days hence from when the Company is notified of Lessee’s vacating. The Company provides a NOTICE OF VACANCY document that may be had at the Office or on-line. The document must be returned to the Company, with Lessee’s signature, by E-mail, mail or be handed-in.
In vacating, Lessee shall cause the Unit to be completely cleared and cleaned and to be free of any damages. Then Lessee must report this to the Office, which shall then judge if Company standards for vacating have been met. If these standards have been met, a document shall be furnished by the Office for Lessee and the Company to sign which shall cause this Lease Agreement to cease. If this is not done, the Lease shall remain effective and rent shall continue to accrue! All keys issued must be returned to the Office at the time the Unit has been vacated.
The Company may, at its sole discretion, make additions, subtractions, or modifications to its rules & policies at any time. These changes may be given in writing, by letter or notice posted on Company premises, or by verbal command. These must be abided by Lessee in full and without disruption.
Lessee has read the foregoing statements and agrees to these in their entirety. Violation of any of these terms may result in fines, fees, or the cancelling of the Lease, all at the sole discretion of the Company.