Company Rules, Policies & Standards


Access Code & Alarms: Occupant must use access code when entering the facility, even if the gate and/or building door is already open. The access code opens the gate and disarms the alarm on the Unit. To prevent activating the alarm and to maintain an accurate access log, all persons entering a unit or the facility must input the code prior to entering the Unit or facility. Extended-access hours occupants must enter code prior to entering the building doors. If the Unit is entered without the access code being entered, that person(s) will be required to return to the entrance and input code or will be forced to leave the property. A $25 fee will be assessed to Occupant's account for false alarms during access hours and a $225 false alarm fee will be assessed for alarms after access hours. The access code must be inputted on the inside keypad prior to leaving the facility. This rearms the alarm for the Unit.

Access Doors: If Occupant has rented an indoor unit, then Occupant must ensure all hall and entry doors are closed and secured prior to leaving the facility. Securing the rented storage unit and all other units depends upon ensuring that only people who are supposed to be in an area are the ones in that area. A $10 fee will be assessed if a door is left open and/or unlocked or unsecured.

Locks: You must use the locksets provided with the Unit by the Company. The Company provides a secure locking system and it is therefore crucial that you use the locks provided with the Unit and in the manner intended. Use both the cylinder lock and the disklock provided. If the Unit is found without one of these locks, it will be replaced and any costs will be charged to Occupant's account. If a different lock is found, it will be removed and a lock cutting fee of $15 will be charged in addition to the cost of the lock. If the Unit is found unsecured, the Company may make immediate efforts to secure it by any means necessary. Because of the time and difficulty involved in removing the cylinder lock, if the key is lost or in the event of an emergency, all cylinder locks are master-keyed. The disklock is not master-keyed and Occupant is given the only keys to this lock.


Access Hours: Units may only be accessed during approved hours. The access hours for the gated yard are 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M., daily.The last gate entry is at 6:45 P.M. The yard will be closed on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day,Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. The access hours for the extended-access hours area are 5:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M., daily. Entry or continued presence outside of these hours is strictly prohibited. You will be removed from the property and may face access restrictions or the termination of the Rental Agreement. If you trip a unit, building, or perimeter alarm after access hours you are subject to a false alarm fee of $225 and to police or armed private security response. The Company may restrict access for reasons of safety and security if deemed necessary, or in following government orders. The gate will auto-lock and all perimeter, building, and unit alarms will auto-arm after 7:00 P.M. in the gated yard. All building and unit alarms in the extended-access area will auto-arm after 11:00 P.M.

Access & Use Restrictions: The Unit is for storage purposes only; it is not a second-home, hang-out spot, office, store, residence, work-shop, changing room, et cetera. Occupants who loiter in or around the Unit or perform any other non-storage activity may face access restrictions or the termination of the Rental Agreement. No loitering is permitted inside the Unit or anywhere on the property. Any access exceeding 20-minutes may be considered loitering without prior communication and with, and approval of, the Office. Initial move-in and final move-out exempted only. The Unit is rented solely for storage, not to conduct repairs, transact business, perform labor, change clothes, sleep, rest, et cetera. Access to the facility should only be to move items into the Unit and to take items out.

Disallowed items: The storage of flammable, combustible or otherwise hazardous chemicals, liquids, materials or other items in the storage Unit is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, gasoline, motor oil, gunpowder, kerosene, transmission fluids, fireworks, charcoal, propane, self-starting logs, kindling, et cetera. No machines or other items containing flammable or hazardous liquids may be stored. Items which may leak any liquid substance that may stain or otherwise damage the Unit or facility are forbidden. Occupant will be assessed a $100 minimum cleaning fee for spilled or leaked oils or other damaging chemical fluids. The storage of perishable items in the storage unit is strictly prohibited. This includes fresh food or beverages, canned, jarred, bagged or bottled foodstuffs or cetera. This also includes perishable materials such as plants and other vegetation, animal remains, et cetera. The storage of motor vehicles, motorcycles, boats or other marine vessels, trailers, or any other conveyance requiring registration with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles is prohibited. The Company may, at its discretion, immediately and without prior notice, remove and/or dispose of any items or materials that are stored in a manner in violation of this Agreement or which are disruptive or damaging to the Company, its facilities or operations, and the Company may asses fees for moving, cleaning, lock-cutting, storage, et cetera, or any other incurred expenses, to the Occupant' account.

Unit Integrity: Occupant may not make additions, modifications, or alterations to the Unit in any way. Occupant may not attach or hang anything on the walls, trusses, wire mesh or ceilings. Occupant may not stack anything above the trusses. Occupant may not have not store more than capacity of the storage Unit. Capacity will be deemed to have been exceeded if the contents the Unit are weighing or pressing against the walls or door, or are protruding into or above the ceiling or mesh above.


Do not leave any litter, trash, debris or other items, articles, or objects on the premises. Anything left behind outside of the Unit shall be considered abandoned and be disposed of without prior notice. Occupant shall be charged a minimum $50 cleaning fee. Do not dispose of anything in the dumpster located in the yard. Occupant is solely responsible for disposing of trash or other unwanted items off of the premises. A $50 minimum fee will be assessed to Occupant's account for any violations. Do not block or interfere with other's ability to access the area around the Unit with goods, vehicles, miscellaneous items and activities while loading, unloading or otherwise accessing the storage Unit. Keep hallways and driveways clear enough to be usable and accessible by others. Do not damage any property on the premises. Any damages will be assessed and repaired and the cost will be charged to the Occupant's account. If deemed necessary, the police may be notified and charges may filed at the Company's discretion. If Occupant fails to compensate the Company for its costs, the Company may seek redress at court.Do not take anything that may appear to be an abandoned item.No smoking, and no use of alcohol or narcotics is allowed in the storage units, buildings or anywhere on the premises. Do not park over-night or leave an unattended vehicle or trailer anywhere on the premises. This will result in the towing of the violating vehicle at the Company's discretion with no prior warning or notice given. Do not park or loiter in front of the keypads or on the entry or exit driveways. Occupant's use of the premises anywhere on the property is limited to loading and unloading from the Unit and for no other purposes. Occupant solely rents the space inside the storage Unit; no outside space may be used by Occupant for storage or any purposes other than loading or unloading items to or from the storage Unit. Do not block, tamper or interfere in anyway with the view or functioning of the security cameras.No dogs or other animals are allowed inside the storage buildings. Any dogs or other animals outside must be on a leash at all times. If a dog or other animal is aggressive or disruptive, the Company may demand that the dog or other animal be removed from the premises. Carts or dollies may be used only if the Occupant leaves a photo I.D. with the Office during use. Use of these items is limited to Office hours. Occupant may not use any electric outlets. All areas on Company premises and all telephone conversations with the Company are subject to video and audio recording at all times.Any Occupants, or the guests of Occupants, who are disruptive, insulting or behaving in a manner that makes other Occupants, guests, or the employees of the Company uncomfortable or threatened will be informed to cease this behavior and/or required to leave the premises and/or be given notice to vacate. Occupant is responsible for any guests brought or allowed by Occupant to access the facility and/or Unit and for any of their actions.


The rental period is from the first day of the calendar month to the last day of the calendar month. If Occupant is present and in possession of the Unit on the 1st day of the calendar month, that month's rent is accrued in-full. Occupant will be required to pay the entire accrued balance. Late fees will be assessed if payment is not received by the close of business on the 10th of the month. Late fees will be assessed based on the rental rate in following manner: $1-$99 ~ $10, $100-$199 ~ $15, $200-$299 ~ $20, $300-$399 ~ $30, $400-$499 ~ $40, $500-$599 ~ $50, $600-$699 ~ $60, $700-$799 ~ $70, $800-$899 ~ $80, $900-$999 ~ $90, $1,000 and above ~ $100. If any rent or other balance is past-due for 14-days, access will not be granted and Occupant will be locked-out of the facility. A $25 non-sufficient funds fee will be assessed for returned checks and declined or disputed card payments. Late fees will apply retroactively. Payment will only be accepted by cash, money order or cashier's check. If Occupant rents multiple units at this facility, access will be denied to all units if Occupant is in monetary or non-monetary default for any unit. Payments given will apply to late fees and other charges and fees first and only after to rents owed, from oldest amount owed to newest. Payments must be made by close of business. Payments left after closing will be deemed received on the following business day. Cash payments may only be made directly with a staff member at the Office; no cash payments may be made by mail or through the letter slot. No more than 10 coins shall be accepted as payment. No more than 50 $1 bills will be accepted as payment. Checks should note the Unit number in the memo line. Checks left through the mail slot after-hours should be in a sealed envelope with the Occupant's name and Unit number written on the front of the envelope. The Company reserves the right to require payments be tendered only by cash, money order or cashier's check. No partial payments or payments by check, debit card, or credit card will be accepted for accounts which have had a lien process begun against them. Only cash, money order or cashier's check for the full-balance owed will be accepted as payment. If Occupant uses the online payments platform to submit a card payment, this payment will be rejected and refunded to the payer and any transaction fees will be charged to the Occupant's account. The transaction fees for any declined or disallowed card payments will be charged to the Occupant's account.


If there are changes in Occupant's contact information, notice must be give, in writing, as soon as possible, by way of assigned and dated document from the Company Office or submitted online using the Company's provided form. A photo I.D. will be required, either presented in person to a staff member or scanned and attached to an electronically submitted document. This includes changes in mailing address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, or any other pertinent information. Providing changes in contact information is solely the responsibility of the Occupant. It is the responsibility of the Occupant to confirm that the Company has received and recorded the changes in information. If Occupant has not maintained current contact information and the Company is unable to contact the Occupant, the Company may proceed immediately with whatever action was needed or requested without further efforts to locate Occupant. Only the Occupant may provide changes in information unless Occupant has given prior written authorization to the person concerned.


In vacating, Occupant shall cause the Unit to be completely cleared, cleaned and to be free of any damages. Occupant shall report this to the Office, which shall then determine if Company standards for vacating have been met. If this has been deemed so, Occupant and the Company shall sign the Rental Agreement Termination. If the preceding is not done, the Rental Agreement shall remain effective and rent shall continue to accrue. No pro-rata refund will be givenif Occupant vacates prior to the end of the rental period. If Occupant has been issued key(s) by Security Deposit from the Company, all key(s) must be returned on the day of signing the Rental Agreement Termination to be remitted Deposit. All keys issued by the Company to Occupant must be returned to be remitted Deposit. Any locks provided by the Company must be secured to the Unit latch. The cost of any missing lock(s) will be charged to Occupant and/or be deducted from the Deposit. If Occupant has not removed all items from the Unit and/or has an outstanding balance and/or has not returned the locks or keys and/or has not signed the Termination form, the Occupant remains in possession of the Unit and the Rental Agreement will remain in force until such time that the Occupant completes the process. Occupant is solely responsible for completing the move-out process. Any property of Occupant which shall remain in or on the premises after the termination of the Rental Agreement shall be considered abandoned; Occupant will be charged a $50 minimum cleaning fee and any expenses incurred.


The Company may, at its discretion, terminate the Rental Agreement for any reason with 30-day's written notice to the Occupant. Occupants who are in breach of any non-monetary provisions of the Rental Agreement may be given a 15-day notice to vacate in writing sent to the last address of the Occupant on file. 15-days from the date the notice was deposited in the mail, the Rental Agreement shall terminate. The Company may, at its discretion, instead provide Occupant with notice to cure or vacate. This shall give the Occupant 15-days to cure the breach of the Rental Agreement. Occupant shall be required to inform and demonstrate that the breach has been cured before the end of this period or to quit and deliver the Unit to the Company by the end of the period when the Rental Agreement shall terminate. Any personal property of Occupant which shall remain in or on the premises or property after the expiration of the Rental Agreement shall be considered abandoned and may be sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of and Occupant may be charged a $50 minimum cleaning fee and any other expenses incurred by the Company as a result of the dispossession of the Occupant's property.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, make additions, subtractions, or modifications to its rules & policies at any time. These changes may be given in writing - by letter or notice posted on Company premises - or verbal notice. These must be abided by Occupant in-full and without disruption. Violation of any of these terms may result in penalties, fees, restrictions on access, or the termination of the Rental Agreement, all at the sole discretion of the Company.