• Storage unit, property perimeter & building alarms
  • High security locks for each storage unit
  • 100 H.D. security cameras
  • Personal access codes

Guardian Storage in Fullerton, CA, features multiple overlapping security layers designed to maximize the security of the belongings you store with us in your self storage unit. Though perfect security is not obtainable, we have invested heavily into the various systems designed to protect the occupants of our self storage units.

Guardian Storage features 100 H.D. security cameras that monitor and record all areas of our Fullerton storage facility; from the entry driveway off the street down to each individual hallway. We also have well over 100 terabytes of recording capacity to provide extended recording.

The storage area is surrounded by an 8' perimeter fence. Each storage unit is equipped with its own individual unit alarm, armed and disarmed by your own personal access code. All persons entering our Fullerton facility are required to input their code upon entry and exit. Access logs for the entry gate and for storage unit door activity are permanently retained. In addition to the storage unit alarm system, the facility is protected by an ADT Commercial monitored motion-sensor system. The first layer of this system monitors the entire perimeter of the storage yard and the second layer monitors activity in all entry hall spaces of the self storage buildings. Private armed security or the police department will respond to all after-hour alarm activity.

Guardian Storage also provides a dual-locking steel latch system for all storage units, which includes a high-security rated cylinder lock and an additional disk lock. Key-restricted access to all interior storage space halls. Extensive bright LED flood lights and other fixtures keep the storage yard well-illuminated at all hours of the day.


  • Monthly professional pest control services.
  • 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M., 7 days a week standard access hours.
  • Extended access hours area available. 5:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M. Accessible 365 days a year.
  • Large freight-lifts for upstairs storage units.
  • Carts & dollies available for use during office hours.
  • Drive-up storage spaces available.
  • On-staff maintenance workers and contracted professional cleaning services.
  • No insurance or protection plans required.
  • A wide variety of storage space size & rental rate options available.
  • Conveniently located in Fullerton between the 57 and 91 freeways near State College Blvd., next to the city limits of Anaheim.